Wedding Days Exclusively

Debbie...I can't thank you enough for all you did...and oh what a wonderful day it was!!  Your timeline with every color coded detail, all the contacts you made, the delivering of  wedding stuff to the venue, for facilitating the rehearsal, and for a full (and I mean full) day of overseeing details for the wedding.  You are a rock star!  Thank you from deep in our hearts.  We are overflowing with gratitude!

--Beth J., Mother of the Bride

Photo by Becky Erickson

Photo by Craig Mitcheldyer Photography can we thank God and you enough for all that you have done to make this day truly joyful and a great celebration.  May God continue to bless you richly, and may you increasingly know Him and His love.

--Bob H, Father of the Bride

Photo by Paul SanFilippo

Her main focus is to honor the kind of day that the bride and groom want to remember.  She will move mountains to this goal.  She was not familiar with my church, so she met the pastor at the church prior to the day to get a lay of the land.  She called the parties involved with the ceremony, so they knew what their responsibilities ere.  She kept me on track and accountable with a checklist of all that needed to be done.  She made sure that the wedding rehearsal was smooth and flawless.  With all that planning she kept errors to a minimum.  Yet, a couple of things happened that day.  Approximately two hours prior to the ceremony, a storm blew through the town, with HAIL!  She couldn't stop that from happening (if she could have though she would have!)  Once the storm passed, it was beautiful outside so the front doors to the church were opened--in walks a stray dog and he marches in, goes up the stairs and into the sanctuary as if he knew the place.  Debbie, without a beat, grabbed the collar of that dog and led him gently out of the church.  I would have been terrified of a stray dog.  Debbie was NOT!  Debbie kept if from the bride an me so as not to do anything that would add to the stress of the day.  Debbie handled those minor things with style and grace.  The ceremony and the reception were beautifully timed. The entire day my family was able to enjoy the day and each other.  My family and I count it a blessing to have had Debbie to share with such special memories.  My daughter and her husband had the wedding of their dreams.

--Fran K, Mother of the Bride

Debbie has worked in the wedding ministry for her church for many years before deciding to take it on as a business.  Working alongside her as her assistant was easy.  She was always well organized and prepared down to the last minute for the smoothest ceremony possible.  Our daughter got engaged to the love of her life and told us that she wanted to get married just twelve weeks later!  I knew the first call needed to be top Debbie (that is, after the shock wore off!)  And it was.  I knew there was not any other person I wanted to help keep my sanity, especially with such a short time frame.  Because I had worked with her many times, I knew Debbie loved weddings probably more than anyone else that I knew.  She is a true romantic at heart and knows what the power of love does.

Debbie acted as the wedding coordinator for the wedding of my daughter, Jill, in July of 2013.  We greatly appreciated her ability to function in a well-organized, yet unobtrusive manner.  She kindly guided us through the entire process, offering her opinion and expertise when asked, but still allowing my daughter and her fiance to express her/their own individuality.  Debbie was very helpful during the months prior to the wedding, in keeping us on track as we waded through

the many arrangements and tasks to be accomplished in a timely fashion.  She gave us schedules to follow in preparations for the wedding and was encouraging as we attempted to complete everything on our "to do" lists.  She was able to mention details that we may have otherwise forgotten.

Debbie took charge of the wedding rehearsal, managing it as we had planned, working with timing and placement.  She worked through each detail of the wedding ceremony in advance and capably directed the wedding day, allowing us to relax and enjoy, rather than feeling concerned about overseeing all of the events of the day.  On the day of the wedding, Debbie made sure that the venue was ready, that the musicians were properly located and informed, and that the members of the wedding party were all in correct places on schedule.  She was available to handle any questions or details in a patient, supportive manner.

The wedding day was a lovely time for all of our family.  We were so thankful for Debbie's help and would highly recommend her services as a day-of wedding coordinator.

--Rosemary Q, Mother of the Bride

Thank you so much for coordinating everything, and making sure everything flowed so smoothly on our daughter's big day!  As far as we could see, there were zero problems.  You kept any of those behind the scenes, so we had a stress-free day.  It was a perfect day.  Again thank you.

--Mary M., Mother of the Bride

Photo by Nate Cordova Photography

...and finally, thank you for all your help calming my mom down and for the laughter you bring.                                                 --Brittany H.

Debbie was a wonderful Day-Of Wedding Coordinator for my husband Bob and me on May 4, 2014.  I particularly loved her sweet, approachable demeanor and willingness to step forward to fill in every detail.  I felt as though everything was accounted for.  It was a large weight off my shoulders for the "day-of" knowing she was taking care of it all and making sure things moved along as planned.  Aided by her previous experience, she provided valuable advice and suggestions, but clearly has a natural talent for coordinating and weddings and events.  Most of all, even though we hadn't known one another prior, she was so loving and clearly cared deeply for Bob and I and beginning our marriage beautifully.  I can't emphasize enough how valuable a Day-Of Coordinator was--especially this wonderful gal!  Thank you, Debbie!

--Christine T.

Debbie...I can't thank you enough for all you did.   I couldn't have done it without your's and Sarah's guidance, advice, knowledge, and always being there for me to talk to.  You went way beyond what I expected.

--Nancy S., Mother of the Bride

This wedding would have been infinitely more difficult to plan, had it not been for your care, attention to detail, and great insights.  God allowed us to meet "for such a time as this" and for that I'm eternally grateful.  I've loved getting to know you, have appreciated your humor immensely and am thanking God for you. 

--Paul & Lizzy E

Photo by Skip Moore Photography

I get asked often if I remember my wedding day.  Many brides spend the day running around, trying to finish last minute details and they can hardly remember them down the road.  I am blessed to tell them that I remember every last second down to the scent of the bridal room, the tears in my husband's eyes as he read his vows, the touch of my dad's arm as he walked me down the aisle, to the emotions I felt throughout; and it is all thanks to the dedication and hard work of our wedding coordinator, Debbie.  Thanks to her dedication, organization, charm, and ease, everyone in the bridal party were able to enjoy the day and soak in every bit of the fun.

As my big day approached I kept thinking, "Okay, be prepared for something to fall through...."  There are so many horror stories out there that I just wanted to prepare myself.  But that never happened.  Not one thing!  I spent most of the day enjoying time with my mom and best friends, and my husband did the same with his.  Debbie was constantly seen running around to various people, making sure everyone had what they needed and the schedules were met.

In addition to the wedding day, Debbie was in contact with us throughout the months leading up to the wedding and was involved every step of the way.  Even as we all goofed off the day of the rehearsal dinner, she kept our nerves down, on task, and laughing the whole time.  We are eternally grateful to Debbie for helping our special day to run seamlessly!

--Jennifer W.