Wedding Days Exclusively

Why Do I Need a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator?

First and foremost:  so you and your groom can be guests at your wedding, too, focusing on each other, your family, and your friends.  You have tied ribbons, written place cards, and secured a DJ, along with a thousand other details.  After all of your hard work, do you really want to leave the execution of your details to chance?  In the past, many brides have used family members or friends as their DOC.  This often ends with miscommunication, stress, and the bride (or her mother) handling way more than she intended on her own wedding day.

You deserve to have a professional DOC coordinating your wedding day.   The church coordinator has the back of the church, the venue coordinator has the back of the venue...I have YOUR back!  With fifteen years of experience, certification as a wedding planner, and a heart that loves all things wedding, you can rest knowing I am operating at the highest professional standard.  My services include, but are not limited to:

  •      A Final Planning Session
  •      Creation of a Wedding Timeline
  •      Follow-Up Calls to Vendors
  •      Pre-Ceremony/Ceremony Management
  •      Reception Management

Our meetings/sessions will be directed towards YOUR vision and YOUR dreams for the wedding day.  I will get to know your style and personality.  I want to know what allows you to feel at peace and what might cause stress.  It's important for me to know you, the bride and her groom, so that I can coordinate behind the scenes to make your wedding vision a reality!  This is your dream.  I am just here to make sure it plays out the way you wrote it!